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C’mon, Jump In. The Water is Fine.

I’ve never been fond of water. I was one of those kids that didn’t like to get my face wet and all the swimming lessons I took- and weeks at camp and endless trips to the NJ lakes- didn’t help. I mean- I can swim with no problem. I was never as good as my sister who everyone said was a fish or my BFF¬†at the time (Debbie Watson!) who was on the swim team and could do every stroke invented. So, jumping in has generally happened after a hearty push. (A little help here!)

I’ve also found that when I make announcements that I will try to do something from now on- in an effort to trap myself in to a ritual- it doesn’t take. So I won’t say that from now on, I will post casual updates on how MSSoftServe is progressing. Ones that need not be cleverly worded, and smoothly edited. I won’t talk about triple checking for grammatical faux pas. Heck, I won’t even look up words in the thesaurus for snappy synonyms. I won’t even throw out links to funny references that are irreverent. I may even cut to the chase. ūüėČ

I’ve been working on MSSoftServe to get it ready for a¬†Medstartr¬†campaign. (the kickstartr of the healthcare revolution) We (the board and yours truly) have¬†the word¬†spreading site with “everything you want to know about¬†MSSoftServe¬†but didn’t know where to fund”¬†up and running. Bonita Rutigliano, the¬†director¬†who has made our web prowess possible, will help this weekend to make the sites flow a bit easier. (thank you in advance Bonita!) Margaret Gurowitz has been developing our PR plan that will include a stakeholder &¬†message map, (let’s throw in some¬†leverage¬†so i can sound even more corporate!) as well as a sizzle reel. I have learned so much in the past few weeks. Like that the woman married to your brother for 26 years has incredible talent in PR. ūüėČ And Calli Higgins has provided her expert advice (and I’ve yet to thank her personally!)¬†as we move through this process. A shout out to all the directors- for their time, dedication and commitment.

Show it! Don’t Tell it!
One of the most important part of our forward movement¬†is that we need to produce “tutorial” that show¬†how¬†this site is different from all other¬†websites. (emphatically stated by directors Roz Kalb, Steve Abrams) When I graduated with my Masters in 2006 (see pic below) I created a DVD¬†to give everyone I met insight into MSSoftserve: A¬†Life Mission. It included a very serious¬†video¬†of my talking the talk,¬†a narrated¬†powerpoint presentation most importantly a video tutorial type thing that walks everyone through a small segment of the site (as it looked then) to really give them a look at how valuable it¬†will be. Revolutionary even. (Don’t do it. Don’t go to the thesaurus.. You¬†promised Amy!)

So the “show it” piece is very important. We need to¬†lead¬†with it. Unfortunately we don’t have the funds to have it produced and it will take some time for me to produce it on my own. So, I’m looking for opinions. Do I set up the medstartr campaign with a video that only tells? When you look at the¬†videos¬†I’ve already produced, how well do they convey what MSSoftServe will do that has never been done before? Do you think any of them would be appropriate for medstartr? Should I record another that is a more compelling “tell” until I get the “show” produced?

Inquiring minds want to know!¬†So please share and reinforce that i’m not typing¬†to myself!

I will see you next week. (I really will. I feel like this time I won’t need a¬†push in. I’ll¬†lean in¬†on my own. ūüėČ



So serious Right?! How is it that 2006 seems like yesterday but looks so young on me.



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