26 (46) and a week!

This has been an intriguing first week of my 47th year. Though I grow wiser every year- (no shocker, don’t we all?) this past week has more to do with my life mission- a.k.a. MSSoftServe, a.k.a. Softserve Matters (just the official 501c3 name) a.k.a. tax deductible donations. 😉

Much of the work has been behind the scenes during these past few years – one foot has steadily been placed in front of the other (an accomplishment for pwms!)  and we are moving along.  (I may be using too many parentheses! Parenthesis are the new commas after all.)

CTTCA (cut to the chase amy!)

There have been three postings about MSSoftServe this past week.

It’s fun reading what others have written about MSSoftServe. I’ve been saying these words for such a long time, it’s hard to find new fresh exciting ways to refer to it. Thanks Jeri and Christie for taking the time to inspire with your perspective. (MTF- I just invented the acronym for “more to follow” with this explanation so you don’t feel out-of-the-know!)

So please take a moment to read. The more people read these posts,  the more posts there will be. And the more posts that there are, the more awareness will be spread. And the more awareness spread, the more grants we will win. Which of course leads directly to the site’s production and an audible sigh of relief emanating through the land when finally we (pwms) will get this site that will make dealing with MS a little easier! 😉

Pfew. That was a mouthful. (Or is it a fingerful at the keyboard?)  Perhaps its both! (I can’t decide)

Thanks for reading and clicking and reading.

amy g.



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