MS SoftServe: We have logo, we have logo!

Check out the brand new MS SoftServe logo! Thanks to Mark Miller of Aesthetica Studios we now have a recognizable identity… like Volkswagen or Apple. 🙂

With Mark Miller, MSSS continues with the approach we started back in 2007 when Kate Millikin produced the film that has served to spread the word (and visuals!) about MS SoftServe far and wide. I met Kate at the NMSS convention in Dallas that year and with the start-up grant awarded by the MS Society, brought her company, Milligrace Productions, on to create this important film! I love the idea of producing as much of this site in FUBU fashion as possible. ( For Us By Us)

There is so much talent in the MS community, doesn’t it make sense that we support each other in more ways than one? (The first being the digital shoulder to lean on, of course!)**

Mark Miller did a bang-up job on this logo and that he is also part of the club really bumps it up a notch. As they say “You don’t get it, unless you get it!”  And now MSSS has it!
We have a lot of exciting progress to report, so expect regular blog updates and a whole-lot-o-enthusiasm coming your way!


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2 responses to “MS SoftServe: We have logo, we have logo!

  1. I love this new logo – it sure says a lot and catches our eye. Keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks Laura! We labored over it- it’s good to know that it resonates!

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