The Summer Is Over!!!

I had a crummy summer. In addition to my heat induced MS symptoms,  I was living with ridiculous amount of stress (category 5 on the Doppler and a 7.5 on the Richter scale.) And as you know stress makes MS worse- and then increased MS symptoms makes me scared I’m progressing, and is stressful. Now that is a loop that is hard to get out of. The hand draws the hand that draws the hand. Though this hand is numb and tingly, and so is the other.

Lemonade, Brownies and Great Karma~

But there were some summer highlights in the MS SoftServe realm. Two grass-root or shall I say front yard, fundraisers kept the momentum going. The Harris family donated a portion of their moving sale profits ($300!) to MS SoftServe, that with local artisan Vicki Pollack’s fundraising ceramic sale bringing the total to $500 for the cause.

Just before the summer, we celebrated the award of our first grant- and are looking forward to submitting numerous applications this Fall. A shout out  to our strategic planner and grant writer Ed Conroy. He works for a ridiculously small fee and keeps MSSS moving forward at great speeds. His expertise is invaluable. His knowledge of non-profit development is endless. Every time we speak I learned volumes. And he’s charming to work with ta boot!

I know what your thinking. You want to know how you can help make this unique website  happen. You know how much value it will bring, not only to the MS community, but to you personally! (If you’re not clear on that, check out and the video on this blog.)

So, let’s talk  Alexander. He’s clenched in your hand as you order the venti, double caf, skim latte for you and your friend. And yes, this beverage will add spring to your step; but you might consider using Mr. H. in another way. How you ask? As a donation to MSSS, that’s how silly!

While $10 doesn’t seem like much, it plays well with others! Every bit becomes a byte and brings us closer to making this site a real live entity, one that will make a huge difference in the lives of all of us living with MS. Check out the video if you need a refresher!

So enjoy the crisp days that lay ahead, and if you are living in a state or country that doesn’t know from fall foliage of white blanketed ground – check out Polar Products- They really helped me get through the hot summer. (And they truly care about their customers too!)

Subscribe to this blog to keep up with the progress MSSS. The heat is up, in a good way!

Amy G.



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