We Got it!

I usually go for a title that is more clever, but when one is emotionally charged, one has to cut to the chase and after all, WE GOT IT!

Last month MS SoftServe (a.k.a. SoftServe Matters) applied for its first educational grant with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. Pfizer, as is the case for most pharmaceutical companies, sets aside money for meaningful educational programs, including those programs related to MS. (They do have reason to support us, don’t they…) After a year of preparation: writing the case statement, the strategic plan, the budget and the grant application template, we crossed our fingers and hit the submit button! Well, you know how that turned out, don’t you! Ed Conroy, our very dedicated strategic planner (and overall awesome development guy) and I have worked tirelessly to get MSSoftServe to this point- and how sweet it is.

This award sets the stage for additional successes from other sources; corporate grants, foundation support and beyond. (Our plan is that once the site is up and running, we can concentrate on totally on charitable contributions from foundations and small resources. We expect that to happen within 1-2 years)

As I approach the podium with that gold statue (shaped like a brain, of course) I  thank the all the people who have contributed to this cause from day one,* (both in dollars and enthusiasm.) And  the charter members of  SSM’s Board of Directors who have dedicated their time, expertise and encouragement to make MS SoftServe a reality. Without all of you that MSSS would not be where it is today; and this the first award in what will be a very long list. (optimism is my bff)

So, in case it isn’t evident, I’m insanely appreciative of each and everyone one of you~

Stay tuned!


* the donor list will be posted on this blog in due time!



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2 responses to “We Got it!

  1. Congratulations, Amy. There will be more to follow, a testament to your hard work.

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