Meetings and Grants and Enthusiasm, Oh My!

So little to report, so much time.  (strike that, reverse it!) First off: At the end of this month the board of directors for SoftServe Matters (proud parent of MS SoftServe) will be holding it’s first annual in- person meeting. Until this point our meetings have been virtual and albeit productive, they haven’t had the synergy that can only happen when face-to-face, coffee to coffee or tea to tea if that is your preferred (metaphor) beverage. I look forward to the follow up report on this!

Just last month Ed Conroy (our strategic planner) helped us to submit our first educational grant application. While we wait for those results, we are ready-ing the next 10. We know that once we receive our first grant – the others will fall into place quickly. (Optimism prevails!)

We will be certain to keep you posted and please, spread the word about MSSS. Without donations, we won’t be able to maintain our forward movement. And I’m sure you know the story of the dead shark… So get out that five dollar bill*, send it this way and know that you’re part of a change that will make a big difference for all of us living with MS!

*and when I say that even the smallest donation makes a difference- I mean that even the smallest donation makes a difference. So bring it! 😉


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