and the year is winding up!

This whole non-profit grant application thing is fascinating. I’m learning so much working with Ed Conroy; he has been such a gift. We are taking full advantage of his years of experience and endless knowledge. He keeps me on task and more importantly, tells me what the tasks are! I shudder to think where we may have stalled without him. But why waste energy on that line of thinking when in fact, we got ’em!

Late last year we secured our web developer. I suppose I should have lead with that. WE HAVE OUR WEB DEVELOPER!! Clocktower Media, based in Seattle, has come forward with a very competitive bid and they are excited to be a part of our effort. (The wife of a member of their team is dealing with a possible MS diagnosis- so they understand first hand how important the MSSS mission is. )

So, now we need a PR/marketing firm that will help MSSS hit the ground running. We are looking for an agency that has a strong-hold in the NYC market and has particular interest in our cause. If you have any ideas… bring ’em on! You will be heralded by the entire MS community; so you’d have that going for you!

Alrighty then: Thanks everyone for the ongoing support of MS SoftServe! Your enthusiasm is what keeps our momentum going. So keep it coming!

~Amy G.



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2 responses to “and the year is winding up!

  1. Your site is brilliant! If MS Softserve had existed when I was first diagnosed it would have saved me so much fear and heartache, and it just makes me SO HAPPY to see a resource like this available! Do you mind if I post a permanent link on my site?

    • Thanks Tanya! I’d be thrilled for you to post the MSSS site on your site. We are expecting to submit our first grant application this week and hoping to go live by next year. Your encouragement is a shot in the arm~ Thanks for that! I believe we are working on a video project together, aren’t we! Looking forward to it!

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