So where were we? Progress Report 1

Okay, so here it is, the first status report for MS SoftServe.  So much news and an endless supply of digital words. Here we go!

After 4 years with my nose-to-the-grindstone (gotta love that image) I am happy to report that our progress is not unlike the rabbit speeding enthusiastically toward the finish line. Granted the length of this race would intimidate Lance Armstrong; (I know, he bikes, they run… but you know what I mean!) But we’re approaching the race with the careful, deliberate pace of that tortoise. The cool part is that by working as a team, the rabbit and the turtle will cross the finish line simultaneously.  And so will  we! We have a great team of people who are working together, contributing their time and energy to MS SoftServe, and we have started this race with a bang. (More on them later!)

What began as my thesis for a master’s degree in educational technology has become my life’s mission. Over the past 4 years I’ve dedicated all of my available energy to making this site happen. Granted, with a family, working full time and that whole “MS thing,” my window had a mere crack of an opening.   But last year when I went on “this-ability” the window opened wider…and ooh– feel that breeze a blowin’ in!

The Cliff’s Notes update will immediately follow these few sentences.  The whole story in riveting detail will be posted in the next few days. I will start at MS SoftServe’s inception and take you through the trials and tribulations, that have brought us to today.

And so, I bullet:

• 2006– I graduated NYU Master’s in Educational Communications and Technology with a design for MS SoftServe as my thesis.

• 2007– I told anyone and everyone who would listen about MSSS, hoping to find direction for funding.

• 2009– I found a grant writer through a facebook connection (how cool is that!) and now we are full speed ahead. With his help we’ve developed a strategic plan, a case statement and a template for grant applications. Good Times, Good Times!

• Also in 2009, I met Graham McReynolds of the National MS Society and pitched the SoftServe concept to him. He determined that there couldn’t be a union of this concept within their site and so the NMSS gave MSSS a $3,000 start-up grant. (The first ever of its kind!)

At this point it became clear to me that MS SoftServe should be a non-profit and so I learned all I could about setting that up. Then I signed up with so I wouldn’t have to learn any more!

2008– I began to assemble a Board of Directors and waited for my application to be approved by the IRS. And then it was approved! (whoo hoo!)

I digress for an expression of gratitude- The donations we’ve received over these initial years have made all of this progress possible. Had the supporters of MS SoftServe not come out in such strong numbers, I would still be scratching my head, wondering how to make this happen. THANK YOU ALL for your contributions and support. We wouldn’t be here without you!

So that should whet your appetite! Check back in a few days for the compelling tale of forethought, good fortune, and the drive of one very motivated person along side the many talented & dedicated peeps who have joined her in this effort. And if your worried reading this will fall off the bottom of your to-do list, subscribe to this blog. Over there on the left…. in the column… See it?

~ Amy



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2 responses to “So where were we? Progress Report 1

  1. Darline Kilpatrick

    Sometimes you can’t read a good story enough. It is like watching your favorite movie over and over again and still finding new things to love. I’m glad you wrote this update with the humor we have all come to know and love. I look forward to receiving the notices that more posts are available for mass consumption.

    • Thanks Darline~ I can truly appreciate the sentiment (having just read the entire harry potter series for a second time, and I’m ready to start over again!) and I’m thrilled that I fit into that category for you. A new post is soon to follow that is so verbose you wouldn’t dare read it twice! 😉

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